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From the time you place your order all the way until you first indulge yourself in our mesmerizing scents, at Southern Belle Candle Co. we sincerely hope that you enjoy the whole process. If you would like to add your testimonial to this page please fill out the form below.

The sound and smell of the wood wick blueberry cobbler is amazing. It reminds of family gatherings and the holidays. I am so in love, the smell alone is one of a kind. Thank you Missy & Traye!! I can’t wait to purchase more!
— Brittney C.
Love the wood wick candle and the Snickerdoodle cookie smells amazing!!! Can’t wait to order again and try out the other scents
— Jessica N.
These candles smell wonderful!! I love mine!! I will continue to get my candles from Southern Belle!! Thanks!!
— Janie W.
I received my order today of a snickerdoodle wax melt and a blueberry cobbler candle, also got a free blueberry cobbler wax melt. I put the blueberry cobbler wax in my warmer and not even 10 min later I could already smell it! Even over the the cherry pie I just baked! These wax melts are highly scented and smell absolutely AMAZING!! Such great products! I can’t wait to try the candle! I am in love with these products! These beat any other wax melt I have ever bought! Will definitely be buying more!!
— Melissa A.
Have my candles burning today they smell amazeballs!!!! My house smells like vanilla and apple spice and theyve only just begun to burn! Go order yours!!!! You wont be disappointed... i will def be ordering more
— Amy G.
IN LOVE! The look has a “southern charm” to them and the smells are amazing! The wood wick are my favorite—>they actually “crackle” while lit! You can tell that they put a lot of hard work and thought into their products! Plus, ordering and shipping were seamless!
— Staci T.
These candles and wax melts are my absolute favorite! In my own opinion they beat Yankee and Scentsy any day of the week! The fragrance of the wax melts will fill your whole home with one cube, and I didn’t have to replace it for a week! You can’t beat the quality for the price! love love love!
— Samantha C.
Absolutely love the candles, the spiced apple is wonderful!!! My house smells amazing! I bought the wood wicks and they burn nice and slow and even and clean! Next will be the wax melts which i haven’t tried yet but I know they are going to be wonderful also! Excellent quality.
— Celestse B.
These Candles and wax melts are by far my favorite. I am a BIG candle and wax melts fan! These made the house smell Awesome in no time. When my husband walked in this afternoon he asked what smelled so good. Ladies you have to try these! Excellent quality and made very special. Thank you so much
— Teresa P.

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